Meet The Team


Erin Randall

Coactive Coach, Agile Coach, Mentor

I love working with individuals, teams, and organizations, helping them shift from humdrum to remarkable. My goal is simple: happy people doing great work! As such, improvement of my craft is an ongoing story. Thus far, I have earned the ICAgile Expert in Agile Coaching (ICE-AC), and am nearly through certification for CTI’s co-active coaching (CPCC) license. I’m thinking that ORSC work will be in my very near future.

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Kerri Sutey

Kerri Sutey

Enterprise Agile Coach and Trainer

Organizational and personal agility are my passions. I follow an integral approach to coaching – one that values mindset, culture, and business outcomes as key to achieving agility versus checking a framework box. I find joy in co-creating with others and in the “aha” moments of collaboration and learning. I am one of the first people in the world to hold both the ICAgile Expert in Agile Coaching (ICE-AC) and the ICAgile Expert in Enterprise Coaching (ICE-EC).

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Dino Zafirakos profile pic

Dino Zafirakos

Agile and Systems Coach | Facilitator | Lifelong Learner

As an Agile Coach and facilitator, I provide my clients with insights and learnings gained from my experience in modern organisational approaches. I support my clients with Agile-based team and leadership coaching and instilling a mindset of strong people focus and continuous learning and improvement. I also help others in the Agile field create a stronger awareness of their own coaching mindset and skills.

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Jasper Verdooren

Agile Coach | Trainer

As one of the first Agile Coaches in Europe certified as ICAgile Expert in Agile Coaching (IC-ACE) I have a solid education in change, group dynamics and professional coaching.

I combine this with a wealth of hands-on experience working with dozens of Agile teams in different organisations and industries, both in and outside of software development. 

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Aanu Gopald Agile Coach

Aanu Gopald

Enterprise Agile Coach| System Coach| Trainer| Mentor

My professional career spanning over 20 years, has been dedicated to positively impacting and transforming individuals, teams and organizations.

As a  global professional who lived, studied, and worked in three continents (Africa, UK. USA), I enjoy working with individuals and teams who want to live and work at their best in a constantly changing world by fostering Agile way of working and systemic coaching approaches. Through coaching, mentoring, love, leadership, I empower people to become the best version of themselves every day. The first female and black African to earn the Scrum Alliance CTC and CEC badges, an ICAgile instructor and a system coach through ORSC.


Kwasi Owusu-Asomaning

Solution-Focused Coach | Systems Coach | Facilitator | Mentor

I help systems in conflict. I help leadership and executives leverage the power of co-creation and showing up authentically. I help organisations and teams transition to better agility and create environments they want to thrive in.

I focus on helping my clients build human-centered organisations with a re-centering back to the heart of what organisations about – the people.

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Jason Cameron

Jason Cameron

Agile Coach & Mentor | Trainer | Facilitator
I love agile, I mean I really love agile! It has provided me so many fantastic opportunities and experiences that I cannot help but want to share its awesomeness with others and provide them an avenue to grow as well.
That is why, as a certified agile coach, #ilovewhatido! I am on a mission to demystify agile at scale and help organisations and individuals connect with their inner awesome to meet complex
challenges head on.
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Jason Cameron

Steve Barrett

Agile Transformation Coach, ORSC & Co-Active Trained, ICE-AC

I am on a mission, I believe we can work together in exciting ways that will produce amazing outcomes, whilst enjoying our work as much as when we rest and play!!

Serving that mission I work with leaders, organisations, teams and individuals to evoke transformation towards greater business agility, emerging practices at scale that work for them.

I love to support the growth of others in our field, especially Scrum Masters, that’s a multiplier for the impact we could have on the world. Connect with me on LinkedIn or go here to book coaching with me.

Padget Rowell

Padgett Rowell

Agile Transformation Coach

I am a passionate and pragmatic agilist driven by coaching people and teams towards high performance. I love working collaboratively to solve complex, real world problems, and I bring a combination of ‘from the trenches’ experiences and powerful questions to your own context. I have coached and mentored dozens of leaders and teams in agile ways of working at all organisational levels.

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